It’s time to update Arizona’s nondiscrimination laws!

While more than 70 percent of Arizonans believe that our laws are fully inclusive, the reality is that it is actually still legal under Arizona’s laws to fire a hardworking employee, deny them an apartment, deny them service in a restaurant, and otherwise discriminate against people simply because they’re gay or transgender.

Please take a moment and tell your elected officials at the Arizona Capitol that it’s time for Arizona to update its nondiscrimination laws.

Click here to send a message to your legislators in support of updating Arizona’s nondiscrimination laws. To ensure your letter reaches the correct legislator, you may need your full nine-digit ZIP code. You can find it here.

Click here to send a message to Gov. Doug Ducey. Ask him to update Arizona’s nondiscrimination executive orders so that state employees are protected from discrimination based on gender identity (current executive order language already covers sexual orientation discrimination for state employees) and state contractors are protected from both sexual orientation and gender identity discrimination.

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